How to check if someone has an outstanding warrant

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It is important to know if you have any outstanding warrants for your arrest so that they may be addressed in a timely manner. If there is a warrant for your arrest, it means that any police officer that comes in contact with you must take you into custody.

Failure to address a warrant as soon as possible can lead to greater problems such as larger fines and increased jail time.

Call your local Clerk of Courts office and give them the party in question’s name. If the person you are looking up has a warrant in that county, it will more than likely be in the Clerk of Courts system. If the warrant is not from that county, the Clerk of Courts representative will not be able to see it in his system.

Visit your local police department and explain that you would like to inquire as to the status of a possible warrant. Many police departments will conduct a background check for an existing warrant, sometimes for a fee. If you are checking on yourself and there is a warrant for your arrest, the police department may take you into custody. If you are checking on someone else, the police department may ask you if you know the person's current location in an effort to apprehend the individual.

Look up the person’s name in an online public database. Many databases exist that allow you to search warrant records and perform background checks on individuals including Gov-Resources, Public Record Checks and Gov Warrant Records. An advantage of using an online database is that online databases search thousands of records all over the country and you remain completely anonymous.