Troubleshooting the Touchpad of a Toshiba Satellite

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Instead of a mouse, Toshiba Satellite laptop computers use a built-in touchpad to control your on-screen pointer device. You simply slide your finger over the touchpad to move the cursor on the screen. If you're having difficulties controlling your touchpad or it's operating in ways that you don't want it to, use the built-in Toshiba touchpad configuration utility to adjust any settings and get it working again.

Click "Start."

Click "Control Panel."

Open "Mouse" to open the Toshiba touchpad configuration utility.

Select the "Device Settings" tab. Make sure that your touchpad is listed as "Enabled." If it is listed as "Disabled," click the "Enable" button. Disabling your touchpad could cause your Toshiba Satellite laptop to function incorrectly.

Click the "Buttons" tab at the top of the "Mouse" window. From this screen, you can configure the speed of your mouse cursor as you move your finger across the touchpad, as well as whether you can open icons with a single click or double click. You can also change which of the touchpad buttons mimics the left mouse button, and which mimics the right mouse button. When you're finished making changes, click "Apply."

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