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How to use coin laundry equipment

Updated February 21, 2017

Launderettes aren't as popular as they once were but, from students to the elderly, some people still go to the launderette to wash and dry their clothes and linen. This maybe because their own washing machines and dryers are broken, they don't own laundry equipment or don't have washing machine and dryer connections at home. Coin-operated launderettes are also useful when you want to wash large items, such as duvets, that won't fit in most home machines.

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  1. Separate your clothing according to colour and care label instructions before going to the launderette -- this will save you time and frustration, as some laundromats are cramped or have dirty floors not suitable for sorting laundry on.

  2. Get at least £10 in pound coins, 50p or 20p pieces to use in the launderette. Coin laundry machines don't always take notes, although some may offer change machines or a supervisor who will give you change.

  3. Check the washing machines and dryers you plan to use before putting in any clothing or detergent for the following: lint, gum, sticky substances, oil, dirt, loose change, forgotten laundry and ink pens. These items can permanently damage your clothing, and most launderettes do not replace clothing or compensate for damages.

  4. Put your clothing into the washing machine, add the detergent and fabric softener into the receptacles on the top of the machine, close the washer door, select the appropriate cycle, and insert your coins if using a front-loading washer. The cost for these typically ranges from £1 to £2.50 per load.

  5. Select the appropriate cycle, insert your coins, start the washer, add in your detergent, put in your clothing and close the washer's lid if using a top loading washer. These usually cost less than front loading machines, generally around £1 to £1.50 per load.

  6. Place your clothing in the coin-operated dryers as soon as the wash cycle ends. Add in the laundry piece by piece, select the appropriate dryer setting, close the door to the dryer and insert your coins to start the cycle. Most coin-operated dryers give a certain amount of minutes for each coin you insert.

  7. Tip

    Make sure you bring your own washing powder, fabric softener and dryer sheets in case the launderette doesn't sell them.

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