How to hang curtains from a dropped ceiling

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Ceiling-to-floor drapes, either used as window dressing or a room divider, add dimension to a space. Hanging drapes from a drop ceiling need not be a stressful process. While it's not possible to use a standard curtain rod when hanging curtains from the ceiling, a few speciality products make this project quite simple.

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Measure the opening where you'd like to hang ceiling-to-floor drapes. Order a drapery track that corresponds with this measurement. Drapery tracks can be ordered in a variety of shapes and finishes and can be customised to fit any space.

Screw the drapery track into the ceiling with an electric screwdriver or drill, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Recommendations for installation vary by manufacturer.

Insert drapery track sliders in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Each drapery track will have a recommended slider that corresponds with its use. The number of sliders you install will depend upon the length of the track and the width of the drapes you plan to hang.

Insert drapery hooks through the seam at the top of a set of drapes or attach drapery clip hooks no more than 1/2 inch from the edge of the curtain. You should clip or insert one hook every 24 inches. Remember to pay attention to the side of the drapes you wish to face outward. Insert the hooks through the openings in each of the track sliders. The drapes should now slide freely from the ceiling.

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