How to paint concrete paths

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Painting a concrete path takes physical work but it is well worth it when the job is complete. You can make you dirty concrete path look shiny and new again. Once you have removed any old paint and scrubbed the concrete clean, all that's left is to prime, paint and seal your path.

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Sand any paint off of the concrete with sandpaper and a hand sander. Clean the concrete path with trisodium phosphate (TSP) mixed into a bucket following package directions. Scrub the path with a scrubbing brush, removing any oil spots. Rinse the path several times with a hose. Use a power washer if the path still needs more scrubbing.

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Repair cracks and holes in the concrete with a concrete patch, following package directions to mix it, then trowel it onto the concrete and let it dry before painting.

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Prime the concrete using a concrete bonding primer and paint roller; follow the manufacturer's directions for drying time. Paint the concrete using an epoxy acrylic concrete paint and roller; follow the manufacturer's directions for drying time. Put on your respirator mask and apply two coats of concrete sealer using a roller, then let dry.

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