How to make a viking sword

Viking cove image by Paul Moore from

The Vikings were a hearty lot who knew how to protect themselves with their magnificent swords and shields. Help children make a Viking sword out of cardboard to spur questions about the history of famous Vikings like Erik the Red and his son Leif Ericsson. You might also incorporate a geography lesson about the original home of the Vikings and where they travelled. Making and decorating their own Viking swords will provide children with valuable imaginative and adventurous playtime.

Use scissors to cut a cardboard box into a long, narrow, pointed sword shape.

Tape an extra piece of cardboard measuring 3 inches by 1 inch to the non-pointed end of the sword to create a handle.

Attach tinfoil to the blade end of the sword with double-stick tape.

Paint the sword handle any colour you desire.

Glue coloured beads to the sword handle.

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