How to make an A3 poster

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When you'r e working on a poster for a very special occasion, you may want to design a very special poster for it. While traditional posters are 27.5 by 42.5 cm (11 inches by 17 inches) or 45 by 60 cm (18 inches by 24 inches), an A3 poster's unusual size may help your poster stand out from the pack. Create posters to recruit members for a club, advertise an upcoming band performance or illustrate what you've been studying for school, all by using your computer's Paint software. Paint, a basic drawing and graphics program, comes installed with your system and can have you making A3 posters with just a couple of clicks.

Open Paint, pull down the "Image" menu and click "Attributes." Set the poster dimensions as 29.7 by 42 cm (11.7 inches by 16.5 inches) and click the "OK"button. A blank poster page will fill the Paint workspace.

Click the "Text" tool, which is represented by an "A" on the toolbar. Position your cursor near the top of the poster and click; if a font toolbar does not appear, click the "View" menu and select "Text Toolbar." Choose a font for the poster headline and increase the font size to 100 or 150.

Type the poster headline, such as "Book club meets here tomorrow," "Tryouts for school musical sign up sheet," "Celtic music next Saturday" or "Favorite types of house cats."

Click near the bottom of the poster and reduce the font size. Add additional information, such as contact information or dates of performance or events. If your poster is informational such as for a school project, type required details and adjust your font so all of the text fits.

Click the "Paintbrush" tool, select the medium round brush head and choose a paint colour from the "Color Picker." Draw the outline of the graphic for the poster.

Switch to a new paint colour and draw details on the graphic, changing paintbrush heads and colours as preferred.

Give your poster a background colour by selecting a paint colour you haven't used yet and clicking the "Paint Bucket" tool. Click inside the white space of the poster, which fills with the background colour behind your drawing and text.

Save your poster file by pulling down the "File" menu and clicking "Save As." Name the poster and give it a destination on your computer, such as the desktop, where you'll be able to access it for printing. Click the "Save" button.

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