How to Make Glass Necklace Pendants

sea glass image by Patrick Moyer from

Express your creativity by making a glass necklace pendant using colourful bits of stained glass or translucent sea glass. You don’t need a kiln or any type of heat to make these glass necklace pendants; the most difficult part is selecting and arranging the glass. You could also add small wire swirls, dried flowers and other embellishments in with the glass pieces to give the pendant added dimension, texture and decoration.

Select a large, open-back bezel to make the glass necklace pendant. Bezels are metal outlines that you can use to make pendants and other jewellery charms. Bezels have a bail so you can attach the pendant to a necklace cord or chain link using a jump ring. Bezels are available in a variety of designs and thicknesses from craft and jewellery supply stores. Many bezels have a closed back, which you could also use to make the necklace pendant.

Arrange bits of sea glass, stained glass or a combination of both inside the bezel outline. Remove the glass design arrangement from the bezel outline and place it in order nearby.

Tape the back side of the bezel with packing tape. If you selected a bezel with a back, you will not need to tape the back.

Mix the jewellery resin in a small squirt bottle; make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for mixing the resin.

Fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the bezel thickness with jewellery resin. Rearrange the glass design on top of the resin. Press the glass down firmly to embed it into the resin. Jewellery resin sets up quickly; work fast.

Allow the resin to dry completely. Remove the packing tape.

Open a jump ring with round nose pliers. Thread the open ring through the bail on top of the bezel. Close the ring. Slide the jump ring over a necklace cord.

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