Ceramic Oven Top Repair

cooking image by feferoni from Fotolia.com

Making repairs to a chipped or cracked ceramic hob is not as difficult as it may seem. You can save money and time by doing the repair yourself without the assistance of a professional appliance repair person. Get ready to fix the hob by gathering the supplies and setting aside the proper amount of time.

Clean the entire hob surface. Pour denatured alcohol onto a soft cloth, and wipe off the hob.

Roughen the surface and remove shards of ceramic with the finest grit sandpaper.

Mix the repair compound by combining 20 parts filler and one part hardener in a container. Mix with the spatula and begin filling in the damaged areas.

Use the Popsicle stick and paintbrush to apply the compound to the cracks and chips. Layer the compound until the damaged area is even along the top with the rest of the hob surface. Allow several minutes of drying time between each layer so it hardens properly.

Wait 24 hours for the repair to harden and cure, then clean it with more denatured alcohol.

Apply a fine mist of enamel spray to topcoat the repair.

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