How to Clean Rust Stains Off a Rubber Gym Floor

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The flooring in a gym must be durable, hygienic and require minimal maintenance and care.

Rubber is a common choice for gym floors because of its ability to handle heavy foot traffic, withstand large and damaging items that are dropped--such as balls and weights--and the low maintenance that is required to care for it. Rubber itself does not rust; however, if a rusted metal item is left on the gym floor the rust from the metal can leave a nasty looking stain on the rubber floor.

Vacuum the rubber gym floor to remove surface dirt and dust. The rubber gym floor should be vacuumed often to keep it clean.

Scrub the rust stains with a plastic scrub brush saturated in cool water. Scrub gently in a back-and-forth motion. If the rust stain still presets, continue to Step 3.

Apply an approved cleaner for your specific type of rubber floor to a soft cloth. Rub the rust stain with the cloth until the stain is no longer visible. If the stain is still present, continue to Step 4.

Apply water-displacing spray on a clean, soft cloth. Rub the rust stains with the cloth in a gently circular motion until the rust stain is gone. Test this method on an inconspicuous area of the rubber flooring. If damage or discolouration occurs, discontinue use.