Writing a cover letter for an optometric assistant

retinascope and trial frame image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.com

Successfully landing a job in the field of optometry requires both technical and people skills. Your background and experience are important, but you need to sell yourself.

Your cover letter is the place to show you have the requisite customer service experience to sell eye glasses and contact lenses, assist in the vision exam and work in an office environment with people of all ages. A well-written cover letter will make the optometrist take a long glance at your qualifications.

Address your cover letter to the chief Optometrist at his or her primary office, date it and keep the length to one page.

Indicate where you heard about the job opening for an optometric assistant. Did you read about it in the newspaper classified section? Did you see it posted on internet? Or were you referred by a hiring professional?

Explain why you would be uniquely qualified for the job. The position could require patient record-keeping, filing and inventory maintenance. Any skills in these areas should be highlighted prominently in your letter.

Be conversational in the tone of your letter. You will be interacting with patients, and explaining how to wear and care for eyeglasses and contact lenses. You want to show you are friendly and poised to begin work immediately.

Indicate what drew you to the profession and if you plan to get further technical training in the field of optometry. You want to show you consider this entry-level job as a stepping stone to a career.

Close the letter by indicating your resume is attached and express your availability for a follow-up interview.