How to make wool blankets felt

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While you may gasp when you realise you ruined your favourite wool sweater in the washing machine, many people seek this effect on purpose and make efforts to "felt" their wool garments and blankets. Felted wool will feel tightly woven and fuzzy. The weave will no longer allow you to see through it because the wool fibres all shrink tightly together. Felt old, unused wool blankets, then use them as cosy throws, or cut them apart to use for a variety of craft projects. Some crafting projects include quilting, sewing purses and making pillows.

Place one or two wool blankets into the washing machine (depending upon their size) to fill the washing machine no more than half full.

Add an appropriate amount of washing powder to the washing machine and set the water temperature to hot. Start the washing machine and allow it to progress through the entire cycle.

Remove the wool blanket(s) from the washing machine and place them into the dryer. Set the temperature to warm and dry the wool blankets completely.

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