Homemade Crystal & Wire Garden Fairies

crystal image by ChristArt from Fotolia.com

Decorate your garden with homemade crystal and wire garden fairies for a whimsical touch to your outdoor decor. Hang the garden fairies from tree branches and the crystal prisms will throw rainbows as they catch the sunlight. Attach the fairies to wire stakes to stand them amid your flowers. It’s only fair to warn you that making these garden fairies can be addictive; one is never enough.

Create a fairy template by cutting out a fairy design from colouring books or printing one from a website. You can make the garden fairies any size you like, from tiny fairies to use as plant markers to larger designs you can hang from trees.

Trace the outline of a fairy template onto one side of a wood block or panel.

Hammer 1-inch finishing nails 1/4 inch into the wood along the outline of the fairy design. Place the nails every 2 inches along a straight line, at every indentation and within 1/4 inch of each other around curved areas.

Unroll a 1-foot section of 20-gauge craft wire from the spool. Do not cut the wire. Make a hook in the end of the wire with round-nose pliers. Hook the loop around the first nail in the outline.

Wrap the wire around the outside of the nail fairy outline. Unroll the wire as needed as you shape it around the nails. Press the wire against the nails to conform to the shape of the fairy. Cut the wire when it meets the first nail, 1/4 inch beyond the nail. Make a 1/4-inch loop in the end of the wire.

Remove the wire fairy from the nail frame. Hook the end loops together and press them closed with round-nosed pliers.

Cut a length of fishing line double the desired hanging length of the crystal prism, plus 4 inches. Thread the crystal prism to the centre of the fishing line. Tie the ends of the fishing line around the top of the wire fairy frame in a triple overhand knot. Trim the excess line. Cover the knot with clear waterproof glue. Repeat this step to hang as many crystal prisms as you like.

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