How to Use Tea Bags Under the Eyes

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Reduce unattractive dark circles under your eyes with recycled tea bags. Rather than tossing out the bags after a refreshing glass or cup of tea, use them to sooth your under-eye puffiness. Tea bag applications treat the skin with tannins and caffeine. Both of these tea ingredients reduce puffiness naturally and make skin tighten.

Black or green teas work best for under-eye puffiness. Do not use herbal teas.

Place two tea bags in boiling water. Once the tea boils, remove it from the heat source.

Allow the tea to steep in the hot water until the water cools. The cooling process should take about ten to fifteen minutes.

Place your tea bags in a plastic storage bag and put in the refrigerator. Let the bags sit until they are cold or chill them overnight.

Remove the plastic bag of tea bags from the refrigerator. Take them out of the bag and drain away the excess tea by squeezing them gently over the sink.

Find a comfortable place, like a bed or a recliner in a darkened room. Set a timer for 15 minutes and sit in your chosen spot. Lean back in the supine position, which is on your back with your face up.

Lay the tea bags on your closed eyes. Leave the tea bags on your face, making direct contact with the puffy areas under and on your eyes, until the timer goes off.

Throw out your tea bags after you have used them.

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