How Can I Tell If My Tag Heuer Watch Is Authentic?

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Tag Heuer has been producing beautiful luxury watches in Switzerland since the 1860's, and is one of the leading luxury watch makers today. However, the popularity of Tag Heuer watches has caused them to be a prime target for counterfeit merchandise. While most fakes are cheaply made and do not stand up to even a cursory inspection, some are created to very detailed specifications. These usually can be found by examining certain features of the watch.

Compare the price of the watch with the normal retail price. If a price seems too good to be true, it most often is. A brand new watch includes packaging and papers that authenticate it, and a second-hand watch missing these is a sign it might be counterfeit.

Examine the face of the watch, with a loupe if possible. Fingerprints, misplaced type and most imperfections are clear signs of a fake. Tag Heuer watches are produced very carefully, and have a quality control department that will not allow such imperfections to be sold.

Place the watch under a strong lamp or outside in the sun for an hour, then examine the watch in the dark. Tag Heuer luminous-dial watches are known for a bright, luminous glow, and a fake often will not glow, or will glow poorly.

Examine the watch for rust or other corrosion. Tag Heuer watches are made from very high-quality materials, and rarely will have any form of corrosion. Rust usually indicates a fake.

Take your watch to your local Tag Heuer retailer. This is the only 100 per cent method of determining authenticity of the watch, but might cost a small amount of money depending on the retailer.

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