How to Troubleshoot a Bissell ProHeat 2X Rug Shampooer

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According to the Bissell ProHeat 2X User's Guide, there are four common problems that users experience with their machine: the heater ready light won't illuminate, the machine doesn't pick up the solution, shampoo brushes stop turning, or the spray function stops working. Troubleshooting the machine is a matter of testing solutions one by one. The easiest way to do this is to start with the simplest answer and work your way to the more complex ones. If none of these answers work, you need to take your machine to a shop for repair.

Press the heater button to turn it on. Both the heater and power buttons need to be on for the built-in heater to power on.The problem is usually caused by the heater button being off.

Check to make sure the machine is plugged in.

Turn on the power button.

Check to see if the water or shampoo tanks are empty.

Remove one or both tanks if they are empty and fill them with the proper substance. Remove the water tank by pulling the handle forward and lifting it out. The latch at the back of the tank holds the top to the bottom. Unlatch it to remove the top. The shampoo bottle lifts out of the back with a firm tug. Unscrew the cap and remove the insert to fill it up. Replace the tanks back in their proper position and lock them into place.

Make sure the tanks are seated properly and latched in. The shampoo bottle fits snugly in the back. Press it down firmly to pop it into place. Push the handle of the water tank backward until it latches the tank into a locked position.

Turn the power off and wait for one minute before trying the trigger button again. It's possible that the pump lost its prime. Doing this resolves that problem.

Check to make sure the machine is in a reclined position. Step on the detent peddle located on the bottom, backside of the machine. Belts won't work if the rug shampooer is upright.

Turn the machine off to find out if anything is caught in the brushes that caused the circuit breaker to trip.

Unplug the vacuum from the wall. Turn the machine onto the side with the power cord facing downward. Look at the brush roller to check for stuck particles. If you don't see anything, stick your hand inside the roller to feel for debris. Pull out the stuck object. If it's wrapped around the brush, cut it with scissors to remove it piece by piece.

Turn the dial on the front of the machine to "Floor Cleaning" or "Tools." These are the only two setting that pick up solution from the floor.

Reseat the tank in the base of the machine. Make sure the lip of the tank is attached to the nozzle in the front. Push back the handle all the way to lock it into position.

You should find out if the tank is full of dirty water. When the red trap door closes, the tank needs to be refilled. It also may have closed accidentally if you bumped into something. Turn the machine on and off to reset the red door. If it doesn't reset, lift up the tank handle to remove it. Unlatch the top half from the bottom and pour the dirty water out. Refill the tank with hot tap water, latch the top half and situate the tank inside the vacuum.

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