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How to Use a Hood Dryer

A hood dryer, or bonnet hood dryer, offers an all over and even dispersion of heat for drying your hair and setting professional looking hairstyles. Ordinarily found in beauty salons, home hood dryers also exist. Using a bonnet hood dryer allows you the ability to achieve a professional finish to your hairstyle, whether it's casual or formal. Hood dryers are designed for ease of use, so they can be used at home with virtually no problems.

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  1. Plug the hood dryer into a power outlet.

  2. Clamp the base of the hood dryer to the back of a chair. Alternatively, you can sit the hood dryer flat on a table behind where you will be sitting.

  3. Position the hood of the dryer directly over where your head will be.

  4. Turn on the dryer. To dry your hair, a medium setting is adequate. To set a perm or dye job, a higher setting is preferred.

  5. Sit beneath the crown of the hood dryer for the time instructed for the product you are using, or until your hair is dry. The length of the process varies by hair type and depends on whether you are drying or setting a hairstyle.

  6. Tip

    Condition your hair properly once a week with a deep oil treatment. This keeps the hood dryer from frying your hair's ends.


    Using a hood dryer daily puts your hair at risk of drying out and becoming brittle.

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