How to Put on Fake Hair With Spirit Gum

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Applying fake hair is a relatively simple process, requiring only time and some practice. The application can be time-consuming but creating a real-looking beard or moustache can be achieved without much effort or experience. Depending on the type of application, the fake hair can be used as part of a realistic disguise or for a theatrical production. The materials are readily available at any theatrical make-up supply, gag or gift store or a costume shop.

Unwrap the crepe hair section. If it comes twisted into a braid, untie it and stretch it into a long, flat section. Spread the hair filaments apart slightly to prepare it for use.

Cut the crepe hair in a length close to what is needed for the look but slightly longer. It will be trimmed once it is applied.

Apply a thin layer of spirit gum with a small paintbrush to clean, dry skin on the lowest part of the area where the hair is to be applied. Chin, upper lip, eyebrow or any part of the body works well with this technique. Typically, applications are for beards, moustaches or to create an animal look such as a werewolf.

Take a thin section of the crepe hair in your fingers and pull away a few strands. Lay the ends gently into the spirit gum at the lowest point the hair will be attached. Continue working from one side to the other in a line, attaching a few strands of hair at a time, until the lower line of the beard or moustache is finished in that area.

Spread another thin layer of spirit gum above the layer of hair already applied and repeat the process. Continue layering thin sections of individual strands of the crepe hair until the area is completely filled with the amount of hair that seems right for your look.

Trim the hair with the scissors to the desired finished length.

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