How to Print Screen in Windows on a Mac

Mac OS X 10.6 came with Boot Camp, a program that allows Intel-based Macs to run Windows operating systems. With this program installed, Macs can boot in both OS X and a version of Windows like XP, Vista or 7.

However, while you can run Windows on a Mac, some things about the PC and Mac are still very different, like the number of "F number" keys on the keyboards. If you want to make a screen print, or screen shot, of a screen in Windows you click either the "F14" key or the "Print Screen" key. Since Macs don't have either of those keys, you'll need to type in a different command.

Launch your version of Windows on your Mac. Restart your Mac by clicking on the "Apple" menu and choosing "Restart." Hold down the "Option" key while your Mac starts up and choose your Windows OS from the available choices.

Open the program you want to copy the printed screen into. Microsoft Word, Paint or an e-mail program are good options.

Bring up the Windows screen you want to print.

Hold down "Shift," "FN" and "F11."

Paste the screen into the open window of the program by pressing "Command" and "V" on the keyboard or going to the "Edit" menu and selecting "Paste."