How to Draw a Grandfather Clock

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Grandfather clocks are a type of clock also known as "long case" clocks, meaning this type of clock is a free-standing clock with a long pendulum within the waist that keeps the time. Grandfather clocks often strike a bell at the hour, quarter hour, half hour and three-quarters hour. Drawing a basic grandfather clock requires little actual artistic ability, only a ruler and a very basic understanding of shapes and clocks.

Draw a rectangle that is approximately 2 inches high and 3/4 of an inch wide. Draw this lightly--you will need to erase some parts later. This is the body of the grandfather clock.

Draw a semi-circle on top of the grandfather clock, just over half an inch tall. This semi-circle should be centred on the top of the body of the clock. It should not be as wide as the clock itself, so that the edges of the clock poke out on either side of the semi-circle. Erase the horizontal line that forms the bottom edge of the semi-circle, so that the semi-circle appears to be one continuous part of the grandfather clock. This decoration on top of the grandfather clock is a standard design choice.

Draw a darker line around the entire grandfather clock, including the semi-circle you drew in step 2.

Draw a rectangle horizontally centred inside the waist of the grandfather clock. This rectangle will be 1/2 of an inch wide and 1 inch tall and will be located almost half an inch from the bottom of the grandfather clock. This is the door that shows the pendulum inside the grandfather clock. This part is usually made of glass in order to reveal what is behind it.

Draw a circle, 1/4 inch in diameter, horizontally centred inside the rectangle you drew in step 4. This circle should be located 1/4 of an inch, or less, from the bottom of the rectangle you drew in step 4. Then, draw two parallel vertical lines down the centre of the rectangle until they meet the circle. This is the pendulum.

Draw a square that is 1/2 of an inch tall, 1/8 of an inch above the rectangle you drew in step 4.

Draw a circle inside the square you drew in step 6. This is the clock face. Place a dot in the centre and draw two hands pointing out to the time you wish to show.

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