How to rent a slit seeder

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When it's time to reseed your lawn, renting a slit seeder is an efficient way to accomplish the job. This handy piece of garden equipment cuts multiple slices in the ground and deposits the seed in the slit. Using the equipment ensures good seed-to-soil contact for even germination.

Get a jump start on a lush, healthy-looking lawn without the huge investment of specialised equipment when you rent a seed slitter.

Call the rental company at least a week before you plan to use a slit seeder. Reserve the equipment and pay a deposit in advance with a credit card. Reservations secure the machine for your use, even when multiple customers attempt to rent slit seeders during the optimal planting season.

Take a pickup truck, van or a small trailer to the rental supply company. A slit seeder is a heavy piece of equipment that will not fit into the boot of a car. Ask rental company personnel to help load and tie the machine down in the vehicle or trailer.

Inspect the machine thoroughly for scratches, scrapes and any existing damage, no matter how minor. Verify that all cutting blades are in place and that the holes through which the seeds are distributed are not clogged. Mark all anomalies on the equipment checklist and review it with the rental clerk before signing the document.

Check the fuel level in the tank. Ensure that you understand the rental company's policy on returning the tank full of fuel and what the charges will be if you don't. Make sure that a fuel can is provided as part of the rental agreement, in case you need to fill the slit seeder's tank to get the job finished.

Review machine operation instructions for the slit seeder with the rental agent. Start it once before you leave to make sure it is fully operational. Verify the phone number to call in case the equipment breaks down while you are using it.

Return the slit seeder at or before the end of the rental period to ensure penalty charges do not accrue. If you are delayed, call the rental company promptly to make arrangements for a late return.