How to Make Nonalcoholic Perfume

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Commercial perfumes ordinarily contain alcohol as a carrier for the perfumed oils within their formulas. Making your own perfume at home allows you the opportunity to omit the alcohol from the recipes to replace it with something more gentle for your skin. From carrier oils to specially formulated perfume bases, making nonalcoholic perfume proves to be an easy and creative endeavour.

Fill a 118ml glass roll-on jar with 59.1ml of coconut carrier oil.

Mix a blend of your favourite fragrance oils. An example of a delightful smelling blend for everyday wear comprises 10 drops of magnolia oil, 6 drops of star anise oil, 4 drops of lemon grass oil and 2 drops of baby powder fragrance oil.

Use a plastic pipette to suck up the blend you have created and inject the contents into the roll-on jar of coconut oil.

Cap the roll-on jar by pressing the rollerball cap into the opening. Twist on the secondary cap and shake the little jar vigorously for about two minutes.

Allow the perfume to sit for a day or two, making sure to shake it once or twice a day before using it. Letting it settle for a few days allows the fragrance oils to fully mix together with the carrier to create a lasting and attractive scent.

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