How to Remove Super Glue From Frames & Lenses

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Super glue is a versatile material that bonds quickly and is ordinarily used on crafts and small construction projects. According to Super Glue Corporation, users should not apply super glue to glass. According to the Everett Clinic, any type of glue can damage glasses.

Glasses wearers should not use super glue to bond lenses to glasses frames or fix optical lens imperfections. If super glue comes in contact with lenses, either purposely or inadvertently, exercise gentle care in the removal process to avoid inflicting scratches or further damage to the lenses.

Fill the container or basin with warm water. Place the lenses and glasses frame into the basin and allow the warm water to soften the super glue.

Touch the affected lens or frame area with fingers every ten minutes to test for loosening super glue. If the glue has not dissolved, do not use a fingernail or tool to scrape it off, as this can scratch the lenses. Keep soaking until the super glue softens and peels away with little effort.

Wash lenses and frames with mild dish soap or lens cleaning solution. Be sure to clean the previously super glued areas to remove residue. Dry lenses and frames with a soft towel.