How to make replacement tiki wick cotton rope

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Tiki torches can create a festive island atmosphere for outdoor patios and yard areas. These small torches contain oil and are elevated on tall poles that are stuck into the ground for support. Most tiki-torch wicks are made of either cotton or fibreglass and are available at most hardware and home stores, especially during summer months. Although these wicks are inexpensive to buy, you can make your own tiki torch wicks at home.

Remove the gauze from the packaging and unroll it on a flat surface until you've reached the desired length. Tiki wick lengths will vary based on how deep the torch is, but in general the wick should be approximately 5 inches long. Cut the gauze at the desired location using a pair of scissors.

Roll the cotton gauze lengthwise to form a tight roll. Continue rolling until the diameter of the wick is between 1/8- and 1/2-inch thick.

Thread the rolled gauze through the top of the tiki torch until it extends 1/2 to 1 inch out of the top of the torch.

Fill the torch with tiki oil, place the bottom of the wick into the oil, then put the top back onto the torch.

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