How to Clean Roof Moss with a Scraper & Blower

moss covered roof image by Jorge Moro from

Moss growth on roofs can be a serious problem that can potentially ruin roof shingles. This problem is especially prevalent in areas with high precipitation like the Pacific Northwest. There are various methods of removing moss, but many can do damage to a roof. Luckily there is an efficient method of moss removal using a scraper and blower that will eliminate moss without causing damage to your roof.

Scrape away larger areas of moss on your roof using a pointed trowel. Use gentle, downward strokes and be careful not to damage any shingles. This will break off the majority of moss.

Sweep over the smaller mossy areas using a stiff broom to bring up any remaining debris. Again use gentle strokes to avoid damage to shingles.

Blow the debris off of your roof using a leaf blower. Make sure that your roof is dry when completing this task.

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