Rake Knitting Loom Instructions

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A knitting loom is an alternative method of knitting that doesn't require needles, perfect for people who find knitting needles too fiddly or hard to work with. A rake knitting loom, also called a rectangular knitting loom or board, it is a rectangular piece of wood or plastic with a hole in the centre. They are usually about 2 or 3 inches wide, and anywhere from 6 to 20 inches long. Most commercially made rake looms come with a knitting tool, but a crochet hook can substitute if you have made your own knitting loom, as they are very similar tools.

Number all the pegs on the rake loom, making the pegs on one side all the odd numbers and the opposite side all the even numbers.

Tie the end of the yarn to the holding peg, which is a lone peg on the side of the loom. This peg is not included in the numbering.

Guide the yarn up to the first peg, wrap it around that peg, then down in a figure-eight to the second peg, up in a figure-eight to the third peg, continuing this pattern until you reach the desired width of your knitting piece, or the end of the loom.

Wrap the yarn about the last even numbered peg you are using, then guide the yarn straight down to the opposite odd numbered peg. Start the figure-eight pattern again from this peg, going back up the loom until you reach the first peg again.

Wrap the first peg, then hold the yarn in one hand between pegs two and four. Pull the bottom loop of the first peg up and over the top loop using the knitting tool. This will pull the bottom loop off the peg, leaving only the top loop. Still holding the yarn in place, pull off the bottom loops from all the pegs.

Wrap the second peg with the yarn after all the bottom loops are off, and continue up the loom in the figure-eight pattern. When you reach the last even-numbered peg, hold the yarn in place, and pull off all the bottom loops from the pegs as you did before. Afterward continue back up the loom towards the first peg in the same figure-eight pattern.

Continue in this pattern, every couple or rows gently tugging the knitting through the hole in the rake loom, so that it comes through the centre. Stop once the desired length has been reached.

Finish your knitting at the end of the loom opposite to the first peg, cut the yarn, leaving around 5 inches or so free.

Cast off the loom starting from the first peg. Take off the remaining loop from the first peg, put it on your knitting tool, then take off the loop from the second peg, and pull loop two through loop one, so that you are left with loop two on the knitting tool. Then take of loop three, pull it through loop two, leaving loop three. Repeat this until you have only one loop left on the knitting tool, at which time pull the 5 inches of yarn you left free through that loop, to tie off the entire knitting piece.

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