How to find a product from a UPC barcode

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UPC barcodes gained popularity in the early '70s when the grocery industry adopted their use. Today, virtually every product sold in retail outlets large and small bears its own unique UPC barcode. Consumers can now take advantage of UPC barcodes by searching for a specific product by its UPC barcode, using a UPC barcode search engine. The ability to search by UPC code allows you to find an exact match of the product you are looking for as well as locate retailers selling the product for the lowest prices. Additionally, you can access most UPC search engines from the web browser of virtually all smart phones, so you can determine if you can purchase items at other stores for a lower price before making a purchase or leaving the store.

Navigate to the one of the UPC Barcode search engines listed in the Resources section below.

Enter the UPC code into the search box. The UPC code will be 8, 12,13 or 14-digit number located below the barcode. Be sure to enter all of the numbers on of the UPC code, even if they are not on the same line as the rest of the numbers. Typically, the first and last number of the code will be offset from the rest of the code.

Click “Search” to display the product registered to the UPC that was entered.

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