How to Seal Linoleum Floors

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Linoleum floors are known for their ease of installation and maintenance. The whole process is simple and can be done yourself. However there is an important step that you must make sure to do which is sealing the linoleum. If you have linoleum floors that were laid previously, you should make sure that they were sealed. Regardless of who put the floors in, you can seal the linoleum yourself. It is a simple job that you should do as soon as you can.

Sweep the linoleum floors with a broom to get rid of large dust and dirt.

Clean the floor with a soft mop and warm water and let the floors dry.

Insert a sealing caulk tube into a caulk gun.

Place the tip of the gun in one corner of the room.

Squeeze the trigger and pull the gun along the floor and the baseboard. Make sure the strip of caulk is touching the both the linoleum and the wood of the baseboard.

Run caulk along the perimeter of room.

Press the caulk into the seam with a putty knife and let the caulk dry and set.

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