How to Say "I Love You" in Spanish

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You can say "I love you" in Spanish two different ways. One way suits all expressions of love and the other suits professions of love to a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. Spanish evolved in the centuries leading up to 1252, when the King of Castile, Alfonso X, began standardising it. Today, 360 million people speak Spanish worldwide, according to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania . Eastern Michigan University states that the most widely used first language in the Americas is Spanish.

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Learn the Spanish word for love, "amor". Pronounce amor like "amoore".

Use amor to say "I love you" in Spanish. The phrase "te quiero" means any kind of love. Use it to express love to friends and family in a non-romantic way. Pronounce te quiero as "tey key arrow".

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Learn to say "I love you" with a romantic meaning. If you want to tell someone you love them romantically say, "te amo", pronounced "tey amow".

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Memorise other Spanish phrases that express love romantically. If you want to tell a man "I am in love with you" say, "estoy enamorado de ti." To tell a woman say, "estoy enamorada de ti." Pronounce it as "s toy enam or ado day tea" or "s toy enam or ada day tea." Mi amour (me amoore) means my dear and b├ęsame (bess ah me) means kiss me. Tu sonrisa es bonita (to son riza s bone ita) means you have a beautiful smile.

Study Spanish to learn other basic words. If you learn more Spanish than "I love you," you will find it easier to express your feelings to someone you care about. The internet has many free resources that teach basic and commonly used Spanish words and phrases.

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