How to Mount a Bell AirStrike 1000 Frame Pump to a Bicycle

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When flat tires happen, a frame pump may be a cyclist’s greatest friend. Like other frame pumps, the Bell AirStrike is light, compact and attaches to the frame of the bicycle. The Bell AirStrike Frame Pump includes an emergency repair kit and pressure gauge for accurate inflation. Mounting the Bell AirStrike properly ensures that the pump is secure and unobtrusive.

Choose which of the two locations you would like to mount your pump. The pump can mount either to the bicycle seat tube or down tube. Either tube features mounting bolts.

Use a 4mm Allen key and remove one set of mounting bolts from the frame. It may be that one of these sets is being used to secure a water bottle cage to the bicycle. If so, choose the other set of bolts.

Use all-purpose bicycle grease to lubricate the mounting bolt threads.

Align the eyelets on the Bell AirStrike Frame Pump mounting bracket with the mounting holes on the bicycle frame.

Thread a bolt through each hole and tighten with your fingers.

Use the 4mm Allen key to fully tighten each mounting bolt.

Slide the Bell AirStrike Frame Pump into the mounting bracket.

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