How to Make a Paper Airplane That Glides

aereo di carta image by DGAETA from

Paper aeroplanes have delighted young and old alike since the invention of paper. For an entire century, people formed a simple dart with just a few folds. Toward the end of the 20th century, origami techniques were introduced to create a more streamlined shape, according to Exploratorium magazine online. While many varieties of aeroplane patterns exist, certain folds create a result that glides much further.

Place the piece of paper in front of you horizontally. Fold the bottom half in toward the top and crease with a ruler for a clean edge.

Open the paper again. Fold the two corners on the right in to meet the centre fold line. Fold the triangles in a second time toward the centre line and crease the edges.

Fold the centre flaps closed again, hiding the triangles. Keep the paper in a horizontal position in front of you.

Bend the top flap toward you and match the upper edge to the bottom, creasing the fold. Flip the paper aeroplane over and repeat.

Bring the aeroplane's wings up in a perpendicular position to the base. Hold the aeroplane from the back of the base to launch.

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