How to Assemble Garden Hose Quick Connectors

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Garden hose quick connectors allow speedy attachment of hoses to spigots or of several hoses together for additional length, or of hose end attachments. There are quick connectors for any configuration of male- and female-end hoses and attachments. The two pieces simply snap together to form a watertight seal by the hose gasket inside the female portion.

Screw a female quick connector onto the garden hose spigot. Turn the connector clockwise to tighten it fully.

Screw a male quick connector onto a garden hose on the end that would normally screw onto the spigot. Insert the male connector into the female connector until it snaps into place audibly.

Attach a male quick connector on the opposite end of the hose and a female connector to an additional hose or to an attachment by screwing them on in a clockwise direction. Snap the two together to connect two hoses together to create an extra long hose, or snap the hose end to an attachment. Repeat this process to add as many hoses together as need be to reach long distances from the garden hose spigot.

Screw a male connector on the end of the length or lengths of hose where the water will exit, and attach a female quick connector to any type of sprinkler or garden hose attachment. Then snap the male connector into the female connector to use the attachment.

Shut the water flow off at the garden hose spigot.

Place one hand on the male connector and one hand on the female connector. Pull back the collar on the female connector and pull the male connector out to disconnect. This process is for collar-type quick connect hose connectors.

Place one hand on the male connector and the other hand on the female connector. Push the two buttons on each side of the female connector inward at the same time. Pull the male connector out of the female connector. This process is for button-type quick connect hose fittings.

Remove all connections in this manner to disconnect sprinklers, lengths of hose and the hose at the spigot.

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