How to Adjust Toro Sprinkler Heads

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Toro sprinkler heads can be installed above or below ground and are useful in both commercial and residential applications. Toro manufactures sprinkler heads in spray and rotary-head types. Spray-head sprinklers water fixed areas and are available in pop-up, fan and bubbler models. Rotary-head sprinklers are gear driven and rotate or turn when watering. Both sprinkler types can be adjusted to insure landscapes have adequate irrigation.

Determine what type of Toro sprinkler head you have. This will make adjustments easier. Rotary-sprinkler heads will turn or rotate when watering. Spray-head sprinklers remain stationary or do not move.

Turn the radius-adjustment screw located on the top of the Toro sprinkler head with a screwdriver. This screw controls the sprinkler's spray volume, allowing for wider and more powerful streams, or smaller, weaker ones. Turn the radius-adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the amount of water emitted or counterclockwise to increase it.

Turn the sprinkler rotation screw. This screw applies to Toro rotary-sprinkler heads only. It adjusts the number of degrees the Toro sprinkler head turns when watering. Most models have the degrees labelled beside the rotation screw (90, 180, 270 and 360).

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