How To Create Your Own PC Board Game

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Creating a board game for play on the PC can be fun and rewarding. Making the software for the game requires a lot of experience with a programming language, but software--like CyberBoard and BoardBOSS--exists that will do the job. Before starting on a new board game, use the software to copy a favourite board game. This will help to get familiar with the software and prevent frustration when working with a new game.

Decide on what kind of game it will be. Popular game types are word games (Scrabble), luck games (Candyland), strategy games (Chess) and trivia games (Trivial Pursuit). Many popular games are a combination of luck and strategy, like Monopoly.

Choose what pieces will be used to play the game. Nearly all board games have individual pieces for the players and many use other objects like cards, dice and markers to move the game along.

Open the graphic editing software and design the pieces. If you're not artistic or don't have the time to design all new graphics for the game, use pictures of family members for the pieces. Design some graphics for the board and pictures for the card backs.

Create the rules. Figure out how the game will progress. Many games use dice to move a player around the board, but some use cards or point systems. Decide on how a winner will be chosen. Some games, like Clue, are goal-based and others, like Scrabble, are point-based.

Open the board game software and begin building the game. Map out the board, import pictures for the pieces and set up the basic rules. Play through the game a few times to test it. According to Hasbro, five things make a good board game: fun, reward, challenge, no frustration and a fresh experience every time it is played.

Tweak the game. Write cards that affect what happens during game play. Revise rules to smooth out problems in the game. Make up alternate versions of game play to add variety.

Export the game and share it with friends. Simple board games are small enough to send through e-mail, uploaded to a file-sharing web site or burnt onto CD. If the game is good enough it can be added to one of many download sites for purchase or sharing.

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