How to Find Someone's Blog

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A blog, short for "web log," is a frequently updated website where individuals describe the events of their life like online diaries, review products, share pictures or videos, express their interests, provide information or give commentaries on different subjects.

Blogs are often interactive and allow readers to connect to recommended websites, add comments and participate in polls. Because blogs are so personally interesting to individuals, they will take the time to search for a specific blog without knowing its web address or other important information just so they can see its latest updates.

Look at the individual's social networking pages. If you are "friends" with an individual on a social networking site or are able to find his or her member page, look in the section that highlights details about the individual. Often, individuals with blogs will list the web address on social networking sites to drive more traffic to the blog and help their friends find it quickly.

Search for the blog through the blog hosting service's main page. There are often areas on these sites where you can enter the information you know about a blog, such as the name of the blog or the blog owner into a search tool. The site's search tool will display the most relevant results to your query.

Insert a blog owner's name into a people-search site to find information that appears about him or her on the internet, including information about blogs they manage. If you know where the blog owner lives, you can insert that information into the search tool as well. These sites use algorithms to search the internet to find name-related information.

Look on the individual's website. If the owner of the blog has a website, there is a good chance his or her blog is linked to the site. If you are able to access this person's website, look along the header or side bar of the webpage for the word "blog." If the home page has a lot of text on it, conduct a word search by pressing the Control ("Ctrl") and F buttons on your computer's keyboard. A small search box will appear on your screen. Type the word "blog" into the search box and press "Enter." The search tool will highlight all the instances the word "blog" appears.