How Do I Print a Passport Size Photo?

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Though passport photos only cover four square inches of photo paper, they can cost almost £6. allows you to upload and print your passport photo for free while still ensuring compliance with U.S. travel documents. Instead of driving somewhere to take and purchase your passport photos, you can do it all at home.

Go to Scroll down to choose your country and photo type (passport, visa or green card). Click "Get My Passport Photos."

Upload your photo. Refer to the official guidelines for the U.S. to make sure your photo meets the requirements for travel documents.

"Ensuring Compliance" is the second step after uploading your picture. ePassport allows you to edit your photo so only your face and shoulders appear in it.

Print out your passport photo; use at least a 4 by 6 inch piece of photo paper. Five passport photos will be printed out on one sheet of photo paper. You can also send the file to a Target or Walgreens and pick up your photo there.

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