How to Troubleshoot a Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine

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Hotpoint washing machines are dependable, economical, and easy to operate, but every home appliance can develop a kink or a glitch occasionally. Often, it is just as simple as wiping clean parts that move water or detergent because the Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine model is as simple to troubleshoot as it is to operate.

Examine the inside of your Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine washer barrel carefully to be sure someone removed the transit bolts that held it in place during shipping

Check all of the pockets in laundry before loading the machine to avoid releasing coins and other loose objects into the washer.

Move the Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine to a more level surface or adjust the heights of the stabilising feet on the bottom of the unit.

Turn the dial of your Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine that indicates variable spin speed to allow spin-drying.

Set the spin speed dial to the proper setting for the type of material you are washing.

Distribute the laundry evenly in the washer's barrel.

Remove the washer's electrical plug, wait for two minutes, and reinsert the plug firmly in its socket if the washer isn't running. Use another electrical source if necessary.

Check that the lid of your Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine is completely closed with no obstruction.

Look in your home's electrical box to make certain that the fuse hasn't blown and the circuit breaker switch is in an upright position. Replace fuse or flip up the switch.

Straighten the drain hose, or, relocate it if the outlet for the drain is higher than eight inches above the floor, if water is not draining.

Look inside of both ends (water in and water out) of the hoses to be sure that the water has a clear avenue. Re-secure them completely after this check.

Press the button marked Rinse Hold to allow the machine to exercise this function.

Secure all of the hoses of your Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine if water is leaking during every load.

Reread the labels on the detergent and additives bins. Be sure that you are filling them with the correct products and amounts, and the boxes are fully closed to prevent clogging that will not allow the cleansers to dispense and causes water to overflow

Reduce the pressure of the water coming into the machine by turning the connected faucets clockwise. Readjust to a middle setting if this causes the program to take too long.

Check that the placement of the unit allows it to be level and move it if necessary.

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