How to use hemming tape

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Hemming tape is a smart and innovative way to hem your clothing or other fabric items without having to use a needle and thread. The double-sided adhesive on hemming tape creates a strong bond that will last through repeated laundering.

Businesses that do alterations often charge a high fee and you may have to wait days until you can pick up your item. Hemming tape is a quick alternative if you purchase a clothing item that is too long or if you accidentally rip out part of the hem on your skirt. It is handy for anyone who does not have the time or the skills to hem fabrics by hand.

Wash your clothing item as directed on the care label. Avoid using fabric softeners in the washing machine or the dryer, as the adhesive may not stick as well to the material.

Turn your clothing item inside out. Remove curtains or drapes and lay them flat, with the back side up.

Hold the hemming tape up against the item that you need to hem. Cut off a sufficient amount to fully cover the inside of the hem. For large items, such as curtains, work in small sections.

Iron the fabric to create a crease in the hem. Be sure to follow the care directions on the label of the fabric. Some fabrics are too delicate for an iron and their hems may require a seamstress or tailor.

Remove the backing from the hemming tape. Handle the tape carefully so that it does not get wrinkled or tangled before applying it to the fabric.

Place the hemming tape inside the fold that forms the hem. Make sure the rough edge is facing downward. The adhesive will act like a glue to hold the fabric pieces together.

Follow the directions on the hemming packet and set the iron at the appropriate temperature. Place the iron onto the fabric and hold it there for a few seconds. Continue ironing all the sections until the material is bonded together.

Turn the material right side out and again iron the hem area. Allow the section to cool and your article of clothing or curtain is ready to use.