How to Make a Pocket Bike Faster

Pocket bikes are scaled-down versions of performance motorcycles that have 49cc or smaller engines. They are built for younger children and provide the experience of riding a performance motorcycle without the expense and safety issues associated with riding the larger versions of the bikes. As with any motorized vehicle, there seems to always come a time when owners will look for more power, faster speeds, etc., and pocket bikes are no different. This article will take you through the simplest of modification processes in order to add real horsepower to your bike.

Purchase the aftermarket parts listed above from a reputable supplier. The things hindering your bike the most are air and fuel delivery, thus order the best parts you can afford to remedy that problem.

Remove the plastic body shrouding around the entire bike using the screwdrivers. Unscrew the mounting bolts and pull the shrouds off. Use the ratchet set to remove the header bolts and muffler mounting bolts and pull the old exhaust off. Loosen and remove the mounting bolts on the carburetor as well and pull the air cleaner hose free. Disconnect the gas lines and pull the carburetor free.

Remove the air hose and install the velocity stack in its place, using the supplied hardware. Reinstall the performance carburetor next by bolting the velocity stack to the carburetor intake, repositioning and mounting the carburetor to the engine mounts, then reconnecting the gas lines.

Install the aftermarket exhaust and muffler by bolting the header to the exhaust outtake and then bolting the muffler onto the end of the exhaust pipe. Remount the plastic shrouding around the bike and then start the bike up and take it for a spin. With the increase in fuel and air delivery, your little 49cc engine should be a screamer!

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