How can I make a model of the Titanic?

Image by F Stuart via Wikimedia Commons.

The fate of the RMS Titanic is a tragic historical event that fascinates many people. It was the massive ocean liner that was supposed to be indestructible, and yet it sank on its maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.

You can create a model of the Titanic with a few simple materials as long as you pay close attention to the details by studying pictures of the ship. This is a great project for teaching children about the famous ship.

Gather together as many detailed pictures of the Titanic as you can. You'll need pictures from all angles of the ship and pictures of the upper decks for all of the different windows if you want to get really detailed.

Fold a rectangular piece of thick cardboard in half lengthwise, crease all the way across and staple one end together a little under halfway up. Staple along the length to keep the keel together. Let the upper half flare out to form the hull.

Trace and cut slightly inward at a 45 degree angle and then outward, rounding off as you get to the top. This is the front of the ship, or the bow. Connect the edges together with a line of masking tape.

Lay the open end (opposite of the bow) on another piece of thick cardboard, trace the shape and cut it out (it should resemble a slightly rounded triangle). Tape this shape to the open end to form the stern, or the back of the ship. Repeat this process to create the main deck to cover the top of the hull. Reinforce the edges with masking tape on the top and bottom.

Cut out and attach the cabins and upper decks, referring to the pictures you gathered to get as close to the real thing as possible. Use a lighter cardboard than the cardboard you used to make the body of the ship so that you don't end up warping it. Use toilet paper rolls or rolled up cardboard as the smoke stacks and attach them with glue.

Paint the details with acrylic paints. Make the keel red and the hull black. Paint the upper railings white and the decks and smoke stacks a medium shade of brown. The upper third portions of the smoke stacks are black. Write "RMS TITANIC" with a yellow or gold paint marker in capital letters on the bow on the right side, and then "LIVERPOOL" underneath that in smaller capital letters. Refer to your pictures for more detail. Paint small white dots as the windows on the hull and small black dots as the windows on the upper portions.

Cut upside-down triangles on either end of a cardboard box to create a mount for your model. Decorate and label the side of the mount with the words "RMS Titanic" or something similar if you wish.