How to Kill Fleas in My Garden

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Fleas can infest all areas of your yard, including your garden. It can be difficult to work in your garden if fleas are constantly jumping on you and biting you. You may want to get rid of them by using natural products or chemicals. The process will take a few weeks, but eventually you will see the fleas disappear.

Plant flowers that will deter fleas from coming into your garden. Lavender, penny royal and wormwood will not only keep fleas out of the garden, but deter other unwanted insects, such as white flies. Water the garden after planting. This will help bring up adult fleas that may be burrowing in the soil.

Spread diatomaceous earth or another flea-killing chemical, such as boric acid or silica aerogels, onto your garden. Diatomaceous earth will help kill fleas that exist in your garden by dehydrating the fleas. Boric acid and silica aerogels are powder-like flea killers. Sprinkle the chemicals evenly onto the garden soil to help kill the fleas. This may need to be repeated if fleas still exist within the next week or two.

Spray nematodes into the soil of the garden. Use a nematodes sprayer to spray the nematodes into the soil. Nematodes are microscopic organisms that feed on fleas and are harmless to humans and pets. This is one of the most natural ways to kill fleas in your garden. Nematodes will eat insects that dwell in the soil, including fleas.

You can use a chlorpyrifos insecticide such as Dursban. Chlorpyrifos insecticide will not only kill fleas, but other unwanted insects, such as aphids. You will need to spray the insecticide onto the garden soil and repeat the treatment as directed. Chlorpyrifos attack the nervous system of insects and can be potentially dangerous to animals as well.

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