How to Remove Static From Clothes

Static on clothing is annoying and can also cause painful shocks. Clothes made from synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, are extra prone to static, but other materials can develop static electricity as well. Using both a fabric softener in your washing machine and a dryer sheet when you dry your clothes significantly reduces static. Doing so, however, does not always eliminate static completely, and there are times you may forget to use fabric softener or a dryer sheet. Even if this occurs, before you don an item of clothing, or even while you are wearing it, you can easily eliminate the static electricity.

Fill a clean spray bottle with water.

Hold the bottle a foot or more from the clothing and lightly mist the fabric. Water takes away some of the static electricity charge.

Turn the item over (unless you are wearing the clothes) and mist the other side. Alternatively, dampen a clean cloth and rub it over the clothing.

Use an anti-static spray on your clothes, or create your own spray. suggests using 1 capful of fabric softener added to water in a spray bottle.

Shake the mixture up and spray a fine mist over both sides of the clothing.

Rub the clothing with an anti-static dryer sheet, if you do not have fabric softener or are in a hurry.

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