How to mix paint colors to make black

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Painting can be an expensive hobby, but knowing how to mix colours properly can help you save money on paint. "As long as your have red, blue and yellow paint, then there's nothing stopping you from mixing any colour you want," according to the On a CMYK colour wheel, the primary colours are cyan, magenta and yellow; cyan has a blue-tint and magenta has a red-tint. These colours are necessary to make the colour black.

Purchase cyan, magenta and yellow paint. Find the paints at your local arts and crafts store.

Squeeze cyan on a piece of cardboard. Loosen up the paint with your paintbrush, then pour the same amount of magenta as you did cyan.

Mix well the cyan and magenta colours with the paintbrush. Add the same amount of yellow as you did cyan and magenta.

Use your brush to completely mix the three colours. The end result will be black.

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