How to Use Dried Mealworms for Feeding

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Mealworms are a favourite food of many animals including chickens and turkeys, frogs and aquatic turtles, bats and rats, and goldfish and archers. According to Petco's website, mealworms are high in protein and amino acids. Live mealworms can be purchased from most pet stores and are stored in the refrigerator. Live mealworms can live dormant for months in temperatures between 38 and 50F. However, dried mealworms do not need to be refrigerated and last more than a year. Dry mealworms for feeding using a process called "freeze-roasting."

Place the live mealworms in a large, plastic container and put them in the freezer. Leave the worms until they are no longer moving.

Dust the bottom of the disposable roasting pan with corn meal. Then, sprinkle the frozen worms into the pan.

Turn on a gas grill at the lowest heat setting and let it warm up. Set the roasting pan onto the grill rack and close the lid. Roast the worms for 4 to 5 hours or until brown, shaking the pan every once in a while to move the mealworms around.

Place them in a storage container with a lid once the mealworms have cooled. Put the worms in the freezer until completely cooled.

Feed the dried mealworms to your pet daily. Depending on the type of animal you have, the amount of mealworms will vary.

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