How to Make a Small Boat for a School Project

vschlichting/iStock/Getty Images

While there is no standard procedure for building a small boat, there are general principles you can use to bring your boat to life. While the size and shape of the boat are a matter of preference, aluminium foil and coat hangers are the basic parts that make up the boat.

Use coat hangers to create a frame for your boat. Untwist the coat hanger with your hands and mould it into a square shape. This will serve as the bottom of your boat.

Use large sheets of foil and wrap them around the square to create the base of your boat. Use a second and third coat hanger to create sides for your boat by unbending the hangars and then making U shapes to wrap around the square base.

Wrap additional foil around the sides of the boat. This should cover the frame and complete the process.

Add additional layers of foil to increase your boat's buoyancy if you have trouble getting it to float.

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