How to Use the Bissell Proheat 2X

If you have children or pets, you know it’s hard to keep a carpet clean. Having a steam cleaner on hand to clean up spots keeps the carpet looking fresh. By purchasing your own, you can save the cost of repeated expensive professional carpet cleaning over the years. The Bissell Proheat 2X is a steam carpet cleaner that has the capabilities of cleaning not only carpet but also bare floors and upholstery. The unit is also lightweight enough to use to clean your automobile.

Assemble your Bissell steam cleaner. Insert the upper handle into the lower one and screw it into place. Snap the hose rack and tool caddie into place. Place the tools on the tool caddie.

Vacuum the area you plan to clean. If using the steam cleaner on carpet, remove the furniture from the room if possible.

Remove the water tank from the steam cleaner. Fill the tank with clean hot water to the “fill” line and reattach it to the steam cleaner.

Select the Bissell cleaning product best suited for the soil on the surface you plan to clean. Choose from pet and odour removal or allergen control formulas. Some products also contain stain protection agents. Add the cleaner to the formula tank at the back of the machine. If you select one of the concentrated formulas, follow the instructions on the product label to add the proper amount of water to achieve the right concentration.

Set the custom clean dial to water rinse, light clean, normal clean or heavy traffic. Turn the floor cleaning tool dial to the “Floor” setting. Plug the cord into a grounded outlet and turn both the power and the heater switches to "On." Allow the cleaner to heat for one minute.

Press the trigger as you move the machine forward and back one stroke over the carpet. Release the trigger and repeat the path with just suction. Allow the brushes to work the cleaning solution into the carpet's fibres, working slowly for best results. When you see no more water coming into the steam cleaner, move to the next section and repeat the process. Work your way out of the room so you don’t walk on the cleaned carpet.

Attach the upholstery tools to clean chairs and sofas. Set the cleaning tool dial to “Tools.” Allow the brushes to do the work.

Unplug the machine when you finish. Remove the hot water tank and drain it. Clean the formula tank. Dump the dirty water out of the bottom water tank. Clean the brushes.

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