How to make Lady Liberty costumes

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A Statue of Liberty costume is a good option when you want to dress up for fancy dres party. While it might seem like this costume would be difficult to create, it is actually quite easy. Lady Liberty is an iconic figure that will be instantly recognisable to everyone you see when you are dressed up.

Dye your sheet seafoam green. Follow the instructions on the dye you choose so that you properly dye the sheet. Allow the dye to dry completely.

Drape the sheet around your body so that it looks like a loose dress. Use safety pins to secure the sheet in place.

Spray paint a pair of flip-flops seafoam green and allow them to dry completely. When they are dry, wear the flip-flops with your costume.

Use a torch for the Statue of Liberty's torch. Cut a 10 cm (4 inch) wide strip of poster board that is long enough to wrap around the top of the torch.

Glue the poster board to the torch around the top. The poster board will make the torch look more like a flame torch and will help the light to shine directly upward.

Spray paint the torch and the poster board with seafoam green paint so that the poster board and the flashlight look like they are one and look more like a flame torch.

Cut a piece of cardboard that is about 5 cm (2 inches) wide and is long enough to wrap around your head. Secure the two ends of the cardboard band with glue, creating a headband that you will use to make Lady Liberty's crown.

Cut seven long, thin triangular shapes out of the cardboard. Glue the shapes to the inside of the cardboard headband, with the thickest part inside the band. Wear the headband around your head to create the crown.

Choose a shoulder-length wig with fringe. Spray paint the wig seafoam green and allow it to dry completely. Wear the crown over the wig.

Spray paint a small book seafoam green and hold it in your other hand.

Apply seafoam green body paint to your face, arms, legs and all of your other exposed skin.