How to check the status of a disability claim online

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There is nothing more tedious than waiting for government disability claims that can sometimes take months to process. Some claims that are denied can wind themselves through the appeals process for years. For this reason, the Social Security Administration provides an online portal to check the status of your application, check for paperwork requests from your case worker, review and correct information errors and send miscellaneous messages regarding your application.

Go to the Social Security Administration website (see reference 1).

Locate the section titled "What You Can do Online."

Click on the "Check the Status of Your Application" link. The "Application Status Information" form will appear.

Enter your social security number and confirmation number into the appropriate fields. Your confirmation number was provided upon completing your disability application.

Click "Next" to be taken to your disability claim status. This should provide detailed information regarding your claim, as well as listing any documents still outstanding to complete your claim. If you are unable to retrieve your claim status this way, call the Social Security Administration Hotline at 800-772-1213.

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