How to Open an Email Address at Hotmail

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Hotmail is a free e-mail service offered by Microsoft. It has basic e-mail functionality, and integrates your Hotmail account into a Windows Live ID that can be used to play Xbox Live and log into other Microsoft services, such as the Zune Network.

Hotmail provides the ability to upload contact lists from most major e-mail providers, such as Yahoo! and Google. Opening a Hotmail account is fast and easy.

Select "Sign up" on the Hotmail home page.

Choose your Hotmail address. Check for availability after typing your preferred address in by pressing the "Check availability" button. If your preferred address is taken, then choose a different one, or modify it by adding a number on the end, or something to that effect and check for availability again.

Fill in the rest of the info, including: Alternate e-mail address (or a security question for a password reset), password, full name, Postcode, address and other basic questions. "Click" the "I accept" button to accept the terms of agreement and finish creating your Hotmail account. You will be taken to a screen that is the home for your Hotmail e-mail, with features to compose e-mail messages and check your inbox.