How to Make a Homemade Pizza Cutter

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Pizza cutters, contrary to their name, can be used for a number of foods. Pizza cutters can cut meats, breads, fruits and vegetables. Of course, a pizza cutter is most used for cutting pizzas. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person who loves to make homemade pizzas, it is quite easy and fun to make a homemade pizza cutter. With a few simple parts and tools, you can have a tool that can cut your pizzas and a number of other foods.

Carve out a wooden handle with a woodcarving knife. This is if you want a wooden handle for your pizza cutter. This aesthetic is your choice to make and the feel of a wood handle might make cutting pizza more "authentic."

Measure out a preferred circle blade. Circle blades can come in any circumference, but you will have to match the blade to your handle. With a 4-inch handle, you might want to stick with a circle blade 3 inches in circumference.

Drill a hole into your wood handle where the circle blade's attached component will rest.

Place your circle blade within the section you carved out for your wooden handle.

Place a screw through each side of the holes you drilled in the wooden handle. The screws should apply pressure to the circle blade attachment, so it rests safely within the wooden handle.

Use a metal handle. Any metal handle can work well for a pizza cutter, from an old tool or a direct purchase. Whichever handle you would like, both the wood or metal handle should be around 4 inches long to fit in the palm of your cutting hand.

Choose an accurately measured circle blade for your metal handle pizza cutter. This step is similar for the wooden handle pizza cutters as well.

Attach the circle blade into the metal handle. Metal handles should be able to hold in the blade attachment. You should hear some sort of snap indicating that the blade is attached to the handle. If not, try to see if your metal handle has bolts at the end that can tighten the blade.

Glue the blade attachment and press it into the handle. This is only if the metal blade is not properly setting itself within the metal handle.

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